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Cardiff Yacht Club History

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Founded in 1900

Cardiff Yacht Club was founded in 1900 with the club originally meeting in the Avondale Hotel, Clarence Road, Butetown. The Marquis of Bute, who owned the docks at the time, presented silver cups to the winners of the races held at the annual reviews and regattas.

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These cups are currently in the safe keeping of the Cardiff County Council. Of course, back then before the existence of Cardiff Bay in its present form, the bay was open to the sea and tidal. Times have changed!

The old clubhouse was built by members from a prefabricated building in 1958 and extended in 1981.

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The new clubhouse was opened in 2001 and is currently up and running. This operation was organised and mainly built by club members.

The new and current club is a freeholder of 2.4 acres of land and has a covenant for 40 years which prohibits the club from trading for profit.

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